He faked it – She fixed it


One way we keep on top of client needs is to carefully listen to them. Every month or so we run Q-&-A sessions with clients and their friends. A key motivation is to keep our ears tuned for ideas and innovations to add useful functionality for all users. However, we frequently hear entertaining insights into how our software engages people. Here’s a recent example.


  • On a recent warm autumn night, John and Jenny Smith were hosting one of their famous barbecues.
  • When the meal was finished, the two bottles of red rested empty on the table as Jenny served up the coffee. Maree M, apropos of nothing in particular, mentioned the sudden passing of Jason, a friend’s husband; he was just 56 and had succumbed to a melanoma.
  • The conversation got around to, “That’s sad … what if that happened to us, what would we do?” As parents of teenage children, some entering university and some joining the workforce, each had a point of view.
  • Jenny mentioned that, on that very point, she’d been referred to Now Sorted’s website and while there had been intrigued by the “If I wasn’t there to tell them …” test. She urged John to take it, just to see how he thought they stacked up. After all, there were only 10 questions and they were quick and easy to answer.
  • So, with a bit of urging, John took the self-test. His response to Jenny was that he’d scored ‘pretty well’. Pushed, he said he’d got 18 out of a possible 30 max.
  • Jenny wasn’t satisfied with what she termed ‘a glib – typically male – response’. So she took the test herself and figured a more realistic score was closer to 10 out of 30.
  • So they compared notes and ultimately, John agreed he’d ‘probably been a little optimistic.
  • “You faked it,” she’d said in mock disgust. Then, more seriously, “We are going to get this done … it’s too important for me and the kids not to”.

And so they did. It was far easier to do than either had imagined and, at the time of our Q-&-A, they were almost 90 per cent through completing their first run – it had taken less than 35 minutes all up. John rounded off the conversation by indicating that his next step is to get both his and Jenny’s parents into the system as well.

“They are all well but, let’s face it, they are getting on – so having everything organised will save a lot of heartache later – for all concerned.”

“And,” added Jenny, “we’ve now given our lawyer and accountant limited permissions to see the data and documents relevant to them. It really is so easy.”

If you would like to help yourself, without obligation, here’s a link to one of our helpful checklists: use this one to identify and collate key data and documents you and your family will need in an emergency.

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