What will Now Sorted do for our practice?

This service will deliver measurable benefits to clients of those in the advice professions.  It will enable professional advisers to engage with clients on a continuing basis. It will create new business from referrals. And it will increase revenues from clients who will be delighted with the service.

Every client of every single lawyer, accountant and financial planner has one thing in common. Each one has an estate. No exceptions. That’s how big the market is.  Now Sorted resolves the estate issue that always arises when a partner asks their significant other, ‘If you get hit by a bus, how will I know where everything is and how it all fits together. Seriously, how will I know?’

We researched it and by far the majority don’t know. With an ageing population, this is an issue that screams to be fixed. Now Sorted is online software that enables legal, accounting and financial planning practitioners to quickly and easily resolve the issue for clients who are happy to pay for a solution to this unmet need.

And here’s something else a significant majority don’t know: estate executors must take around 29 steps between a person passing away and probate being granted (the court authenticating the correct Will) –  a further 23 are required before the deceased’s estate can be distributed. Each and every step requires correct information and/or documents to be produced. If not properly organised beforehand, beneficiaries face long and expensive delays.

Now Sorted is efficient and inexpensive online software that enables professionals to help clients organise their affairs.
It becomes your clients’ ‘prepared for anything‘ plan.

At first, we weren’t sure but once it was done, we were so very grateful.

Mrs. A.L. NSW

How quick and easy it is to work

  • Sign up to create your practice’s high-security lock box that’s at the heart of the Now Sorted solution.
  • Enter basic client data into your practice’s lock box using pre-formatted drop-down menus.
  • Auto-invite clients into your lock box and grant permission for them to enter/edit data.
  • Enter unlimited clients, family members and related entities into your Business lock box.
  • Use our checklists to get your clients to provide critical information (see under Support).
  • Upload scans of the important documents you see as necessary.
  • Relevant data will automatically attach to uploaded documents – and they will be encrypted.
  • Then, with one click, produce Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory for each client.
  • Run client reviews as you wish … engage with them, stay in touch and grow revenues.
  • Client loyalty runs high and because of high satisfaction ratings, referrals flow.


The Crucial Facts Report & Directory

A significant benefit of this service is your ability to provide (with a single click) each client with their own Crucial Facts Report & Directory.  It will probably be the first time they have ever seen the totality of their estate in one concise document – and it will open their eyes to its strengths and vulnerabilities.

It will open your eyes too because you will see new ways to assist clients beyond anything you might be doing for them now. And not only your clients, but also other members of their circle whom you’ve probably not met. Yet.

This positions you as the trusted adviser … you have the essential resource when they need someone to turn to in a family emergency. By working with your clients, you will have everything Now Sorted.

This Crucial Facts Report & Directory differentiates your practice from those with which you compete.

Your secure lock box

Our lock box technology is far superior to mere document storage apps.  It is inside the encrypted lock box that client data automatically combines with documents to produce the ‘prepared for anything’ plan you produce for clients.  You get space for an unlimited number of people, entities (e.g. trusts, etc), data and documents in your lock box.

The key outcome (in addition to instant access) is the Crucial Facts Report & Directory which tells clients  the what, the how, and the why of their crucial information/document mix.

Your lock box is armed with no less than 10 high security protocols (see the Support section on this web-site). Plus, you may, with client permission, provide access for up to four ‘trusted others’.

Lock box information and documents are instantly accessible on any smart device.

Your important documents attached

In any form of crisis or contingency, the very last thing people need is to be looking frantically for important documents that may have been mislaid, misfiled or simply ‘not where they should be’ (which, let’s be honest, is most of the time).

That doesn’t happen with Now Sorted because we’ve made sure that accessing key documents is easy, simple … and instant. When you upload these into your lock box (with a single click), they are automatically combined with all related client data … and simultaneously encrypted for maximum security.

This enables you to deliver to clients a unique ‘prepared for anything plan‘. We’ve thought it through and made it everything simple for you … the way it should be.

Making things extra simple is the core aim of everything in Now Sorted.

Are your clients ‘If I am not here’ ready?  Test that here right now!

Stand in your clients’ shoes for a moment. You know they drown in data overload every day. Yet only a small amount of ‘data noise’ is actually crucial to their estate. Take this simple test to check if what you believe is crucial to family knowledge of their estate is the way you think it should be. It’s free and takes less than 25 seconds… simply select 1, 2 or 3 stars in the test. We’ll send you the confidential results immediately.

With your email, we can send you a quick report on the results. It’s free!
(We promise not to use your email to send unsolicited information.)

Take the Info-Readiness Test!

As a professional practice, what does Now Sorted give us?

Now Sorted will deliver three key benefits immediately: first, a superb opportunity to re-engage with existing clients on a far more powerful basis than mere newsletters and blogs.  Second, visible and appealing differentiation of your value proposition to new and existing clients. Third, your fees from delivery of a service that delivers genuine benefits to every client. It’s that relevant, and that good.

What your clients will receive from you as a Business user of Now Sorted:

  • List of all key legal, accounting and planning documents plus a directory location for originals
  • Essential financial summary information (investments, bank a/cs, assets & liabilities).
  • Personal guarantees (joint and several).
  • List of all insurance policies of all types, both life and property.
  • Cash flow on both personal and business items.
  • Details on bank a/cs, credit cards and all other important numbers.
  • Catalog of all important people/contacts and their contact details.
Your clients will have all this at their fingertips, because you provide their ‘prepared for anything’ plan.

‘Ah, Yes’. But what does it cost?

This the best news of all.  Choose from an infinitely flexible range of inexpensive solutions. And take a 14-day, absolutely no-obligation trial at no charge whatsoever. It’s simply free!

You may decide to deliver the service on a ‘do-it-for-you’ (DIFY) basis: you only pay a licence fee for each client family (unlimited members) at a mere $3.90 per month – and you bill clients your professional fee for the work done (typically between AUD$900 and AUD$1,500 in year 1, depending on complexity.  Naturally, you may choose to bill review fees in subsequent years. With DIFY, you can also invite your clients to enter or edit data themselves … makes life easy for you and for them. We start you off with a pack of just 10 client families (you can order families singly to top up). Pay conveniently via PayPal or credit card. It’s that easy.

In addition, you may decide to deliver the service to clients on a DIY basis. In this case, your practice invites clients to set themselves up under your umbrella and then have them grant you permission to see and check all relevant data. The DIY fee is $5.99 per month, we do all the admin for your client (copy you in on everything) and pay you a fee of 25% of all payments received. Again, super easy.

The DIFY and DIY solutions sit side by side so that you can discuss the best option for each client.

Take a 14-day, absolutely no obligation trial today. We believe you’ll be delighted.

Your licence fee costs less than a monthly cupcake.