Your hard-earned estate: if you are not there to tell them, Now Sorted certainly will be.

This is the online tool that delivers peace of mind to your family when you are not there to help them.  This  super-powerful estate-planning app is your ‘prepared for anything plan’ whether simply organising all ‘the every day stuff’ or wanting to be absolutely ready when any emergency arrives.

Your highly secure ‘lock box’ contains all your estate planning information and documents in one place, at one time, making everything important available in the cloud … instantly.

Ensure your family will never be left wondering.

Now Sorted – your plan for the ‘unexpected’.

  We’ve made it super easy: simply enter your important data then upload key documents.

  Your lock box will then automatically link your information with your documents.

With one click produce your Crucial Facts Report & Directory to share with ‘trusted others’.

In any emergency, you have access to all key information on any smart device … instantly.

Now Sorted ensures you and your family are ‘prepared for anything‘ … no matter what.

You’ll have our latest ‘Lock box’ technology

Now Sorted’s online lock box is better than the usual online storage apps because it does far more than merely store documents – it actually enables you to also enter explanatory text for each stored file – and then securely encrypts it all automatically. This means that when you produce the exclusive Crucial Facts Report and Directory all your estate information ‘makes complete sense’ whenever you and your loved ones read it.

Your lock box has no less than 10 high security protocols (see Support on this web-site). If you decide, you may provide limited access to ‘trusted others’.

Your lock box accommodates unlimited family members and ‘related entities’ (trusts, etc): multiple generations are no problem and nor are multiple companies, enterprises, etc.

Your key information and documents are instantly accessible on any smart device.

Your fully integrated estate planning tool

Now Sorted’s ‘more than mere storage’ solution to estate planning means you can record all your essential information and documents in your secure lock box under the following headings:

  1. Documents & Location  
  2. Financial information  
  3. Personal guarantees  
  4. Insurance (Life) + (General)  
  5. Cash flow  
  6. Important numbers  
  7. Important people

Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory combines any or all of these into one convenient report so that ‘it all makes sense’

Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory

This unique feature produces the critically important narrative of your estate. It works because the software joins the key information you enter to the important documents you store. That’s precisely what’s needed if you are not there to tell family members what they desperately need to know.

In this way, your one-click Crucial Facts Report & Directory is your family’s prepared for anything plan.  Anything? Yes, anything, because although originally designed for estate planning, clients also use Now Sorted in case of emergencies arising from fire or flood: everything is available ‘now’.

Produce your report with one click. It is a PDF which you may share with people you trust … for example, a key family member or professional adviser such as accountant, lawyer or financial planner. You decide.

Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory underpins your ‘prepared for anything’ plan.

Infinite flexibility … 4 plans to choose from

Depending on your particular situation, you can select from any of four plans.

  1. Personal plan: for users who simply want to personally enter data for one family.
    There’s no limit to number of family members or related entities. See under Personal in the main menu.
  2. Business plan: for professional advisers to provide the service to their own clients for their own fees.
    There’s no limit to the number of client families, and no limit to members/entities per family. See under Business in the main menu.
  3. Affiliate plan: for professional advisers who wish to introduce clients to this service.
    Now Sorted pays an attractive fee to Affiliates for favourable introductions. Contact us via with your enquiry.
  4. Enterprise plan: for organisations that wish to white label Now Sorted technology under their own brand for this universally needed service.
    We offer attractive terms for this type of user and assist with the installation. Contact us via with your enquiry.
Whichever plan suits you, the experience will far exceed your expectations.

We give you excellent online support 24/7

Tutorials, Checklists, Articles, Blog, Other User Experiences.
Now Sorted is more than an app – it’s a hugely rewarding experience.

Flexible Pricing Options



Billed monthly via Credit Card

  • Create a unique, secure online lock box for your family.
  • Take a free 14-day no obligation trial.
  • Outlay is less than a weekly cupcake (all upgrades free!)

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Per Client Family per month

  • We start you with just 10 client families for $39.00 p/month.
  • Take a free 14-day no-obligation trial.
  • Cost is less than a weekly cupcake (all upgrades free!).

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Price N/A

Refer & earn ongoing revenue

  • Invite members of a group or association.
  • Ideal for multi-client businesses.
  • Affiliates paid ongoing by us on a monthly basis.

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Perfect for larger organisations

  • Enterprise/Cloud solution for larger organisations.
  • We provide successful installation.
  • You are supported throughout by Now Sorted technology

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