About You

Your Market is Changing.  And You?

As a member of a key advice profession, your prime goal is to deliver top-flight advice to clients based on your education, knowledge and experience.

You also have other objectives, among which are to service existing clients, to retain them, and to cultivate referrals to win new business.

The current environment has created headwinds in the form of: rapid advancements in IT; legislative changes; and, for many, outcomes pursuant to the Royal Commission. Each brings its own challenges to the advice professions.

No doubt you use standard procedures to achieve your marketing objectives. Now Sorted, however, is a tool that will greatly enhance your marketing results and help exceed your objectives – above all it will greatly improve the rate of referrals.

The Algorithm is here and it’s here to stay. It underpins artificial intelligence (AI) and is changing our lives. Mostly it brings benefits in everything from safer cars, to better health-care.

However, for some in the advice professions, AI heralds a major threat. It helps consumers do deep research, examine obscure data, and, increasingly, receive online advice. ‘Robo-advice’ is on the increase.

Some in the advice professions mock the notion traditional methods will be usurped, some will sell up … and others will see opportunities to grow.

We belong in the latter camp and have geared Now Sorted as an easy-to-use online digital tool for professionals to meet – and harness – the challenges of AI. And prosper from it.

Regulatory change often delivers a measure of pain and an abundance of opportunity. The pain comes from what has to be done to adapt to new rules.

The opportunities arise because, while many people hate having to change, others see the rewards of adaptability and position themselves accordingly.

The findings of the financial services Royal Commission will bring many changes, particularly in the area of financial advice. Yet, regulatory changes notwithstanding, the changes underway due to our ageing population are far, far larger in scale.

For the advice professions, our ageing population is creating a bonanza of opportunities: estate planning (everybody has an estate) is becoming ‘the biggest game in town’. Two entire generations need advice.

Parents making way for middle-aged children are one generation; their children another. Each needs advice – yet it’s not the same.

Parents, especially post-retirement, will hopefully have spent some time relaxing and reaping the rewards of hard-earned gains. They will also be conscious (however reluctantly) that ‘the finishing tape’ is on the horizon: time to plan.

Middle-aged children, notwithstanding busy lives of their own, begin to realise they should convene ‘a family conversation’. There’s a lot to talk about.

The biggest item will relate to an estate plan to put everybody at ease. The lawyer, accountant, and financial planner should contribute. In every instance, super secure Now Sorted will be there to assist.