About You

Decider. Deferrer. Denier.  Which is you?

You are smart. You are busy. You juggle more information than ever before. You also know that the risk of the unexpected is always just around the corner. Issues range from an annoying niggle – mislaying an important piece of information; to the serious – a bad accident, fire, flood, or even the farewell of a loved one.

When it comes to handling the unexpected, we all belong to one of three tribes: the one that decides on personal ‘just in case’ plans; the one that promises to get organised … but never gets around to it; or the one that denies there’s an issue … until there is one.

In short: each of us is a “decider”, a “deferrer” or a “denier”.  But which? … And does it matter?

Here’s a brief overview of the three types you might find interesting.

Deciders are upwardly progressive people who have had sufficient life experience to know that being a little risk-averse is not only a good thing – it’s also a wise thing.

Deciders make sure everybody – especially kids – wear seat belts. They back up key data automatically. They make sure anti-hacking software is active whenever they are on the internet.

Deciders know that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; they organise … not because they are goody-two-shoes, but because when life presents the unexpected, they know that the price of disorganisation is just too high to pay.

Deciders, in short, make smart decisions, both for themselves and those they care for.

We love deciders. And they love us, because we’ve not only simplified the entire organisation process for them, we’ve also made it very affordable.

Deferrers progress in a sideways direction; while agreeing that personal organisating is positive, they invariably claim that ‘right now’ they simply don’t have the time.

Deferrers are usually nice people; however, like a fly in a bottle, they are endlessly busy. Frantic buzzing is the sound they invariably make. A pity because it can make the lives of loved ones highly precarious.

It’s because we know these characteristics about deferrers that we have made Now Sorted super easy to use, super quick to operate and super secure into the bargain (we are paranoid about security).

Everything is so intuitive that new Users are up and away within 90 seconds. In addition to safety, we’ve made simplicity central to everything we do.

We love deferrers because once they have used this unique service, they become advocates and convert themselves – and others – into deciders.

At first glance, Deniers are lucky people: they skate on ice thinner than most of us would trust – and eventually fall through it.

Deniers ask, ‘Problem? What problem? Somebody else will fix it!’ While sometimes they’re right, for the most part they are wrong … and especially where important information and documents are concerned.

Deniers lose credibility when data goes missing after a crash; when insurance policies can’t be found at claim time; when someone dies and the Will can’t be found.

Deniers can rejoice knowing that we provide a service that solves all such issues in minutes flat. They can still appear nonchalant, knowing that everything important is immediately accessible on any smart device they own.

We love deniers because once clients, they spread the word how easy, quick and ultra safe we’ve made everything for them.