About Us

We are a team of professionals committed to delivering your ‘prepared for anything’ plan.
Everyone knows that the ‘unexpected’ faces all of us – being prepared for it is what sensible people do.

Now Sorted is a sophisticated, secure, industrial-strength app that links data to documents so that all can be retrieved in an instant.
The app is built around a super secure ‘lock box’ available to each user. The lock box is armed with 10 high security protocols (see our Support section for details).
It does far more than merely store data … uniquely, it automatically links data and documents to produce your personalised ‘Crucial Facts Report & Directory’.

If you so decide, you can share this directory with close family members as well as professional advisers.
Further, you may give permission for such people to actually see data and documents in your lock box if you wish.

The benefits to you of Now Sorted are:
  1. Easy recording (and updating) of personal, family and business information.
  2. Simple digital linking (and automatic encrypting) of all your important documents to the report.
  3. Producing Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory as a PDF and/or hard copy with a single click.
  4. Retrieving your information and documents from almost every smart device no matter when or where.

We  know you will enjoy, and be pleased to use and recommend this brilliant service.

Your Support Team at Now Sorted