Don’t Ask Friends/Family to be Your Executor, Unless …

As the team member assigned to write this piece, I asked Now Sorted’s founder his views on whether or not to accept becoming an Executor of an estate. He told us that he had declined an invitation from his dear brother some years ago and would lean that way towards a request from anyone else in the future. I asked him why?

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Using your Will to Protect the Interests of your Child

Nothing in family life is more important than the safety, care, and well-being of a child. All parents know this, so why state the obvious? Because if parents are suddenly ‘taken away’ by misadventure, their children could be exposed to danger. And that’s why sound planning suggests that such contingencies should be part of a well-designed Will. We trust you will find what follows to be useful information.

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Chaotic despair or Crucial document? We all have the choice.

It is estimated that roughly half of Australia’s adult population does not have a Will. If true – and pundits declare it certainly is – many people, including children and other expectant beneficiaries, may well face chaos upon the death of a loved one. It is hard to fathom how responsible people could be so, well, irresponsible.

While at Now Sorted, we don’t give advice, we are pleased to work with people who work across the full spectrum of Estate and succession planning; this brief article introduces the Topdocs organisation, an online firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney that helps resolve such critical issues.

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Online Security – Do Not Trust Until You Verify

There are many online storage applications on the market. Some users trust nothing will go wrong; some hope nothing will go wrong; some, having read newspaper reports, believe everything could go wrong. So, what is Now Sorted’s view on security? We are pleased to tell you. 

We believe in the saying: trust but verify. These notes tell you what we have verified for you … in plain English.

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