The 'If I wasn't there' Test

Rate your family's preparedness if you weren’t there to tell them the 'where/what/how'


Self-assess by rating stars

Self-assess by rating stars
= Not done yet
= Done and in order
= Done, in order and securely accessible online right now.
Key Information or Document Your Rating
1 Your Will is up to date
(Legal document)
2 Your up-to-date Power of Attorney
(Legal document)
3 Your Deed of Enduring Guardian
(Legal document)
4 Clear directory of all key documents and where originals are kept
5 Every legal document scanned, duplicated and stored
6 Financial and tax records scanned, duplicated and stored
7 Every insurance policy scanned, duplicated and stored
8 All key cash flow items (personal and business) recorded
9 All key numbers (bank a/cs, credit cards, other) recorded
10 All important People (family, professional advisers, medical) listed with contact details and reasons to call - immediate access on smart devices