They Have no idea. None. Until now.

In Australia, a baby is born about every one and a half minutes: roughly 900 per day. However, roughly half that number also die each day. Positive news on the one hand, not so positive on the other. But ‘that’s life’ as they say.

For the new borns, life beckons with all its promises and all its challenges. The departed are at peace – but life for those they leave behind might not be peaceful at all, at least for a while. How so?

One reason concerns culture: most in our society are not comfortable with the reality of death. We apparently prefer not to talk about it (the subject is all but taboo) and rarely discuss planning for it.

This leads to another reason for survivors being ‘in a mess’ following a loved one’s passing: on top of the significant emotional issues, people are also completely unaware of the numerous tasks that must be carried out by the executor of the deceased’s estate, whether a family member, friend, or professional.

In plain language, most people have no idea of how many tasks there are – and even less about what they are. How do we know this? We ran focus groups for eighteen months with invited guests and discussed these very issues with them. During the sessions, we asked invitees to respond to two fundamental questions.

Question 1 was: Approximately how many steps are there from the passing of a loved one to the Court granting probate (accepting that the last Will & Testament, if there is one, is authentic)?

Most in the focus groups answered between five and eight steps. So imagine their surprise when we revealed that in most cases there are more than 25.

Question 2 was:  ‘Approximately how many steps are there between the granting of probate and the actual distribution of the estate?’

Most answers clustered around the four to nine mark. There are, in many cases, more than 20 steps.

Our information was based on the research we did with a highly experienced legal practitioner.  At first, the information we gleaned was anecdotal, but when we realised there was so much of it, we decided to turn what we learned into two checklists. Neither is an official legal document but both may benefit those who would like to talk to a lawyer about critical post-death issues.

Now, you as a welcome visitor have an opportunity to access the first checklist for free. It covers 29 potential steps from death to probate – and you can download it right here.

We’ll happily provide the second checklist – potentially 23 steps from probate to the distribution of the estate – for free to all Now Sorted clients upon request.

If you believe that neither you nor your loved ones have much knowledge of what needs to be done on the passing of a loved one (after all, it’s not an every day topic) we are delighted to make these two checklists available so that you may discuss them with a legal practitioner of your choice.

See much more on your ‘prepared for anything’ plan at

The Robo Fixer

There’s barely a soul on this planet that would venture to say they had sufficient time to organise issues that ‘could wait awhile’.

Another way of saying this is, “I’ll get round to it tomorrow‘, which, of course, never comes.

In fairness to the ‘putter-offers’, the effort to organise almost anything can present a challenge – a mental one in particular.  The very thought of having to put to one side the issues of the day in order to face the tasks of finding, collating and putting into some form of order the various nuts and bolts of important information and documents is daunting to most of us.

But what if there was a way to banish the worry and frustrations of organising important stuff? What if there was a highly efficient, low cost solution? That would surely go a long, long way to solving the challenge, wouldn’t it?

Indeed it would. And now there is a painless way to get things done. It’s as close to being a robotic fixer as you are ever likely to find.

Now Sorted was originally designed for people to organise the many and varied family estate documents and crucial pieces of information that we all have. However, it didn’t take long for users to indicate that it was equally ideal for recording all the materials that are required in emergencies such as fire and flood (of which there are many in Australia).

What makes this service so different from so many online storage ‘apps’ available is that it does so much more than merely store documents; in addition, it links important, explanatory information to those documents in such a way that, at a single click, it produces a Crucial Facts Report & Directory. This document reads, in essence, like a plan. Everything is simply explained with a rationale so that anyone reading it will readily understand what all the information and documents mean as a whole. All key documents are encrypted and uploaded automatically and attached to the relevant information for each one. Simply brilliant.

It is, as we say, your ‘prepared for anything’ plan. And the cream on the cake is that it is simple, easy to use, efficient and inexpensive.

This is an organisational robo fixer – and it works.  Why not take a peek?



Now Sorted – the Distraction Disruptor

Is it remotely possible that you have gradually become a slave to distractions? Roped in by umpteen unsolicited messages and video clips? All this while legitimately pressing issues get ‘kicked down the road’?

It’s so easy to be seduced by the unnecessary … sometimes a few indulgent seconds can even feel therapeutic.  But when it interferes with the essential stuff a distraction can inflict impotency on good intentions.

One of life’s essential components is building and preserving a personal family estate. Our estate is everything we own, less everything we owe. The size of our family estate is one key measure of success (others are health and happiness, without which estates don’t amount to much). And anything that deflects attention from building an estate may rightfully be considered a distraction.

So here’s a quick question: right now, at this very moment, are you aware of the all the components of your estate … and how they fit together? Seriously, do you really know? And just as seriously, do those closest to you actually know? How would they cope if you weren’t there to tell them? Where would they go to find out? Who would they ask? Who, apart from you, really knows where everything is and how it fits together?

If your answers to yourself on these issues is a bit ‘iffy’; if you’ve promised yourself that you ‘really must get this fixed once and for all’ but distractions get in the way; if you’ve had enough of ‘good intentions impotency’ … if any of these come to mind, there’s now a quick, easy and ridiculously inexpensive solution – a distraction disruptor.

It’s called Now Sorted and it makes recording the key elements of your estate a breeze. It will not only store your key documents in an utterly safe online environment, it will also – and this is unique – electronically link family information to the documents in order to produce your Crucial Facts Report & Directory … and this is a digital document you can share with those important people in your life.

In short, if you are not there to tell them, they will know what you needed them to know. Instantly. Without the need to search, without the need to be confronted by high levels of frustration and expense, and, crucially, without the need to worry ever again.

If instead of distractions you want to spend just a few productive moments providing those you care for with a ‘prepared for anything’ plan, then Now Sorted is for you.

Don’t take our word for it ... trial it free for 14 days … and you be the judge.

Discard the rope and let Now Sorted disrupt your distractions – you’ll be delighted.  Guaranteed.


Free at last, free at last … thanks to Now Sorted … free at last

Some things nibble away at us even at the best of times.

One persistent nibbler is the question What if?  What if, ‘out of the blue’ we had a fire … or a flood … or, worse, suddenly and unexpectedly one of us was taken away from this life without warning?

Have I – have we – any preparation for such contingencies? Do I – do we – have anything like a plan?

Well, yes, you do now.

Because Now Sorted delivers your ‘prepared for anything’ plan, it frees you from:

  • Worrying about where every single piece of key information is in the event of an emergency.
  • Not knowing where important documents are when you need them most.
  • Being concerned that if you are not there to tell loved ones how everything fits together, they might founder.
  • Having to search for ‘all the important stuff’ when you have the least amount of time to do so

Above everything, this industrial-strength app provides you with peace of mind no matter what situation presents itself to you and your family.

It really is ‘your prepared for anything’ plan. And it is instant!

Check it out here.


“I know, I know – I’ll get to it one of these days.”

There are few things more frustratingly challenging than successfully managing today’s ever-increasing overload of information and documents.

The basis of success is to face up to two simple facts: first, the longer we live, the more ‘stuff’ we accumulate; second, the determination to get organised is easily put off.

That’s why so many declare, “I know, I know …” this being both a safety valve and a personal recognition that, really, it ought to get fixed before ‘something happens’.

And ‘happen’ something will. We all know we can bank on ‘when’, not merely ‘if’.

There used to be good excuses about deferring action: too much to do, other priorities, don’t have the time. The list is long.

But now – yes, right now – you have a solution that will see you say ‘goodbye’ to procrastination and ‘hello’ to a solution.

It’s called Now Sorted and to see what it does, simply click the video on the home page right here.

Before you do, here are the key elements of what you get with this unique service:

  • It’s very quick and easy to use – you’ll be up and running within three minutes of signing up.
  • It’s simple to operate – no difficult ‘rules’ to follow. – and you can feature the icon on your smart device.
  • It’s speedy to implement – you’ll enter your data in seconds – and access your online information instantly.
  • It’s highly secure (no less than 10 key protocols) – upload your key documents in a flash (automatically encrypted).
  • And then, like magic: with one click, Now Sorted will instantly link your data to your documents to produce your Crucial Facts Report & Directory.

Ah, yes, but what does it cost? The answer is ‘a price you won’t believe’. Check out our pricing and plans … and be shocked.

So there you have it: a full solution to organising all your information and documents simply, securely and speedily and all at a price that’s laughable.

Smile, you just solved a major headache … permanently. Take a 14-day obligation-free trial and prove it to yourself. Don’t take our word for it … judge for yourself.

The Quintessential Question

It’s the question that every person in any relationship wants to ask, needs to ask and darn well should ask.

“If we were are victims of a serious loss or, worse, you get hit by a bus, how will I know where everything is … and how it all fits together. Seriously, how will I know?”

When someone tells a story of the sheer frustration – and, let’s face it, anger – at simply not knowing where all ‘the important stuff’ was when it was needed most, a listener usually nods in sympathy. And that’s about the extent of their involvement. Unless, of course, they make a personal commitment that the same mess will not be inflicted on their family. But then days and weeks slip by and the poignancy of the story first evaporates and finally gets lost. Stop right there! Now there’s no need to postpone, defer or delay taking control of your situation because Now Sorted provides a solution that is simple, quick and inexpensive.

Here’s a brief video that explains in moments the significance of ‘your prepared for anything plan’.

After you have watched it, take an absolutely free 14-day trial … and you be the judge.


The Awkward Intrusion

The intrusion always seems to happen either when things seem to have been going smoothly for a while, or when you’ve already got enough on your plate and anything extra is most unwelcome.

When somebody, somewhere needs you to produce information and/or documents in a hurry, then Now Sorted is the tool that resolves the issue for you. Instantly!

Now Sorted provides you with an online ‘lock box’ in which to store all your crucial family information and documents.

Not only that, it automatically produces your Crucial Facts Report and Directory, which links everything together that’s important for you. So, whenever any official person or organisation intrudes and wants your information, with Now Sorted you’ll never have to become a data detective, looking and searching. Everything will be where you want it to be … and in either printed or digital format on any smart device.

It is, as we say, your ‘prepared for anything’ plan. And it works.