Personal Users: why this deserves your attention

Whatever your age, you have either already built your estate – or are in the course of doing so. Your estate – everything you own, less everything you owe – reflects who you are and what you have achieved: your estate defines you.

In life, your estate is a work-in-progress: you are currently using your estate’s assets to live and enjoy – and one day you’ll want to pass it on as part of your legacy. When you think that way, you are thinking ‘estate planning’.

Now consider this: your estate gets complex because every item in it (bank accounts, investments, home, vehicle, valuables – everything) has not only important documents but also vital information that relates to every one of them. The information may be in the form of your Will, Power of Attorney, Deed of Enduring Guardian, special receipt or important number. In short, all items in your estate comprise both documents and crucial information. And if you don’t clearly inform loved ones – and your executor – about all these items, then you’ll be leaving them more of a mess than a legacy. Don’t let that happen.

  • Because Now Sorted is far more than mere online storage, it enables you resolve these issues with your own ‘ready for anything‘ plan.
  • It gives you a highly secure ‘lock box’ to not only record important data but also to link the vital data to all your important documents.
  • Your lock box stores everything in one place to be accessible whenever you want it, wherever you are – instantly on any smart device.
  • And it has capacity for unlimited members/generations as well as unlimited related entities (trusts, partnerships, etc).
Now Sorted is the safe, simple and inexpensive solution to managing crucial family estate information. It is your ‘prepared for anything’ plan.

We love it! Our Accountant Loves it!

 Ms. J.B.  NSW

Take the ‘If I am not here’ test

Take this simple ‘If I am not here’ test to indicate your family’s accessibility to critical estate information if you ‘were not there’ for any reason. The test is free and takes less than 25 seconds… simply select 1, 2 or 3 stars for each question. We’ll send you the confidential results immediately.

We ask for your email only so we can send you a quick report on the results. It’s free!
We promise not to hassle you with unsolicited communications.

Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory

This feature differentiates Now Sorted from other online storage apps by producing this key narrative of your estate.  It automatically assembles your data and your documents into in easy-to-read report of everything in your lock box. That’s precisely what loved ones need to know if you aren’t there to tell them.

Your one-click Crucial Facts Report & Directory is your family’s prepared for anything plan.  Anything, because though originally designed for estate planning, clients also use Now Sorted for emergencies from fire or flood: everything is available ‘now‘.

Your report is a PDF which you may share with others … key family members or professional advisers such as accountant, lawyer or financial planner. You decide.

Your Crucial Facts Report & Directory underpins your ‘prepared for anything’ plan

Your fully integrated estate planning tool

Now Sorted’s ‘more than mere storage‘ solution to estate planning means quick and easy data entry of all your essential information and documents under the following headings:

  1. Documents & Location  
  2. Financial information  
  3. Personal guarantees  
  4. Insurance (Life) + (General)  
  5. Cash flow  
  6. Important numbers  
  7. Important people

We’ve made everything extremely simple. Save time and effort.

You have your own secure Lock box

As a Personal User you have your own high-security lock box. Now Sorted is several notches better than mere document storage because your lock box enables you to not only store important estate documents but also attach specific information to the files you upload – your software then automatically links and encrypts them.

The reason Now Sorted automatically links data to documents is to indicate the what, where, how AND why of your crucial information/document mix – in this way ‘it all makes sense’ to you, your family, your advisers and the executor of your estate. Nobody is left wondering.

Your lock box comes with 10 high security protocols (see Support on this web-site). Plus, you may give lock box access to four others if you wish.

All contents of your lock box are instantly accessible on any smart device.


OK, so what’s the bottom line for me?

If planning your estate with – and for – your family is important, you’ll be delighted:

  • Now Sorted is inexpensive, and quick and easy to use.
  • The online lock box storage you get in your package is very highly secure.
  • Uniquely, you can link your critical data to any important documents you upload.
  • You can enter unlimited family members, generations and related entities into your lock box.
  • Everything you enter and upload becomes high-level encrypted.
  • You get a simple, intuitive and interactive tutorial under your Help menu.
  • You get high-level online support + helpful articles on estate planning issues.
  • You get a 14-day trial free of cost and free of obligation.
  • You get all this for just AU$5.99 per month.
  • If you can find a better estate organising tool at this price, take it.
With all this at your finger tips, you are ‘prepared for anything’, anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.