Now Sorted for Advice Professionals

Providers of professional advice – lawyers, accountants, financial planners – hardly need a web page to confirm what they already know ~

  • that with a rapidly ageing population, people need all kinds of professional advice to address situations they’ve never faced before;
  • that helping such people opens up compelling opportunities to both build and expand professional practices;
  • that engagement tools are the first step in exploring and opening up the opportunities.

This much you undoubtedly know.

What you may not know is that Now Sorted is a particularly useful tool for engaging with clients.
It enables dialogue. It uncovers common ground. It’s the perfect foundation for professional ‘next steps’.

It builds relationships and delivers benefits to both client and professional adviser. That’s its job.

We are sufficiently confident to predict that after an optional credit card, two month free trial, you will be delivering your own fee based service to delighted clients – and adding substantial practice income at the same time.

And, yes, Now Sorted is super secure … for details, click here.


5 families starter pack
= $95/month
thereafter order families as needed.

Now Sorted branding.

At 20 families we can white label for you.

Take a 2 month free trial.


For 20 families starter pack
= $380/month

thereafter order families as needed.

We white label to your exact requirements.

Our know-how – your brand.

We make it easy for you.