Without a Secure SystemWith Now Sorted
SecurityOpen to theft, fire, loss etcFully secure
ConvienienceTry to get info from multiple sources, using hundreds of passwords and loginsOne place, accessible from anywhere with one login
Key informationSearch papers, records and office files to get the information neededThe one-click Crucial Facts Report & Directory collates all information into a handy PDF
ShareLeave your loved ones a box folder of papers, another to your accountant, yet another to your lawyerShare key info with family members or professionals

15 Now Sorted Benefits

1. Ten high level security protocols and full encryption make this online vault extremely secure.
2. Each vault is the perfect repository for safely storing vital family data and documents.
3. The one-click Crucial Facts Report & Directory collates all information into a handy PDF.
4. Business Users have vault space for unlimited client families.
5. Personal Users have unlimited space for their own family.
6. No limits to the number of family members, generations, or related entities (e.g. trusts).
7. Family data, including passwords and secret numbers, accessible anytime, anywhere.
8. Seven separate tabs make collating family data and documents a very easy process.
9. Only Users may see inside their vault unless they specifically permit others.
10. Data can be sent between Users safely in encrypted format.
11. Licence fees are kept extremely low and Affiliates pay zero.
12. Affiliates have their own portal to see all activities.
13. We can white label for a nominal outlay.
14. Strong support including short How-to videos and e-books.
15. Free introductions to professional legal advisers.