Why consider Now Sorted’s Affiliate plan?

We have made it easy and attractive for you to become an Affiliate because you are in the business of delivering genuine benefits to people in a group you care about.

Affiliates are people and/or organisations who introduce Now Sorted to members of groups. Usually, they are from the advice professions (e.g. law, accounting, financial planning) or they hold such positions as employers or association executives. They care for those in their charge.

  • Affiliate status is attractive because we pay you 25% of all revenue arising from the licence fees of people you introduce … we pay you as the monthly licence fees are received by us. You create an ongoing income stream. There is no fee to become an Affiliate of Now Sorted.
  • The people you introduce benefit from knowing that your introduction gives them a unique ‘prepared for anything’ plan – we describe this below.
  • It is easy to become an Affiliate because to apply all you do is click on the link near the bottom of this page. We’ll get back to you almost instantly after quickly looking over your details.

To check and calculate your income, we provide you with a portal where you can examine every transaction – and determine when you want it paid into your account.

To evaluate the benefits Affiliates provide to those they introduce consider these key questions:

  • if one spouse asked another“If we suffered a severe loss or, worse, you were hit by a bus, how would I know where everything is … and how it all fits together.  Seriously, how would I know?” – do you think the answer would be positive and immediate, or do you think there’d be a long pause?
  • how many times have you met anybody who has said words to the effect: “Oh, yes, when (Dad) died he left everything in absolute order and we knew exactly where we stood from day one so that tidying up his estate was a breeze” – how many times?
  • are you aware that,  when someone passes away, there are around 29 steps to be taken before probate (authentication of the Will) is granted … and around a further 23 steps before he estate can be distributed?

Now Sorted simply, quickly and inexpensively resolves each of these key points. It is the ‘prepared for anything’ plan that brings peace of mind to all who use it … and it’s value is apparent not just in the case of estates … it is invaluable in emergencies such as those arising from fire and flood.

Before introducing Now Sorted to anyone, we suggest you take the ‘If I am not here’ Test, the link for which appears below. Stand in the shoes of people you would like to introduce and answer as though you were one of them … the test will give you an insight as to Now Sorted’s value.

This is the safe, simple & easy solution to managing critical family information. Every family needs a ‘prepared for anything’ plan. This is it.

This is great value … members love it … especially those with a family!

Mr. L.E. (Group Sec’y) Victoria

Stand in the shoes of your client or member for a quick and easy test

We created this simple questionnaire to see how a client or group member would answer “If I were not there to tell the family where everything is and how it all fits together.” This test takes less than 25 seconds – simply select 1, 2 or 3 stars as an answer to each question.  We’ll send you the confidential results immediately. This is free and without obligation.

No tricks: we promise not to send you unsolicited email messages.

Take the Info-Readiness Test!

What Users Get!

Your fully integrated estate planning tool


Because Now Sorted actually combines key information with important documents, it produces a clear narrative – a plan – that others can read if a User is not there to tell them.

The plan is in the form of the Crucial Facts Report & Directory. And Users create this hugely important document with one click of one button!

Once produced (as a PDF), Users may if they wish share it with up to four other people they trust … for example, a key family member or professional adviser such as accountant, lawyer or financial planner.

This Crucial Facts Report & Directory is the unique key to your ‘prepared for anything’ plan.

You have your own secure Lock box

As a Personal User you have your own high-security lock box. Now Sorted is several notches better than mere document storage because your lock box enables you to not only store important estate documents but also attach specific information to the files you upload – your software then automatically links and encrypts them.

The reason Now Sorted automatically links data to documents is to indicate the what, where, how AND why of your crucial information/document mix – in this way ‘it all makes sense’ to you, your family, your advisers and the executor of your estate. Nobody is left wondering.

Your lock box comes with 10 high security protocols (see Support on this web-site). Plus, you may give lock box access to four others if you wish.

Your fully integrated estate planning tool

Now Sorted’s ‘more than mere storage‘ solution to estate planning means quick and easy data entry of all your essential information and documents under the following headings:

  1. Documents & Location  
  2. Financial information  
  3. Personal guarantees  
  4. Insurance (Life) + (General)  
  5. Cash flow  
  6. Important numbers  
  7. Important people

We’ve made everything extremely simple. Save time and effort.

OK. Summarise the benefits – and price – for me.

1. Key benefits for each user you introduce:

Now Sorted empowers every user to produce their own family’s ‘prepared for anything plan‘. The plan will be an invaluable asset in any emergency, from ‘where everything is’ when bidding farewell to a loved one, to full accessibility of all key documents following fire or flood. Data entry and document attachment is quick and easy so that with one click they can produce their Crucial Facts Report & Directory instantly on any smart device.

And Now Sorted provides instant access to everything … instantly on any smart device

2. Key financial benefits for you as an Affiliate:

The rewards are compelling:  there is no fee to join the Affiliate program and we pay Affiliates 25% of all revenue received from users who licence Now Sorted for their personal/family use. The licence fee for a Personal user is just AU$5.99 per month.

The arithmetic is simple: we pay Affiliates approximately AU$18.00 per year for each in-force Personal licence. For every thousand users, we pay AU$18,000. And we pay at whatever frequency you choose – with a portal provided for you to track every transaction.

Every User gets a 14-day, absolutely no obligation trial at no charge whatsoever.
(And an Affiliate can do the same if they wish.)

We do all the administration for Affiliates and the users they introduce: no brainer!

3. Everything is securely stored and we provide online support 24/7

  • We take security very seriously – see the 10 security protocols on the Support page.
  • Online support is provided with an interactive Tutorial under the Help menu.
  • You will find handy Checklists for every aspect of personal planning on the support page.
  • Also handy articles on the many benefits of organising information and documents.
  • Input from a variety of people on how to use your ‘prepared for anything‘ plan.
  • And we are easy to reach via the Contact feature on the main page.
Now Sorted is more than an app – it’s a rewarding experience for every User.